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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

As a local supplier we pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service. With this website we hope to take the hassle out of sourcing tyres on line.  Please check the frequently asked questions below to find a relevant answer or contact us on 01496 302300.

1. I’m not sure how to read my tyre size from my tyre?
Please see the diagram below or if you have any further questions, please call us on 01496 302300 or drop in as we are local.

tyre markings guide

2. Do the prices quoted include fitting?
Our prices are for fully fitted tyres and include a new valve, wheel balancing and casing disposal.

3. I’ve made a booking for fitting, but have not received an e-mail confirmation?
Please check that your spam filter hasn’t caught the email and then you can always contact us on 01496 302300 and we will e-mail a copy of your confirmation to you.

4. Can I amend my booking?
If you want to amend your booking please notify us as soon as possible by telephone on 01496 302300.

5. Can I get my tyres fitted earlier?
We always try to offer a fast and responsive service, which is why we have developed this on line booking system. However, if you require a fitting date sooner than the dates offered on the site, call on 01496 302300 and we’ll do our best to bring your booking date forward if stock is available.

6. When do I pay for my tyres?
You only have to make a payment to us at the fitting centre when you are completely happy.

7.Can I get additional work, such as wheel alignment, when I get my tyres fitted?
We provide a number of related services. All you have to do is add your service requirement to the comment box when submitting your booking. You can also use the link on your confirmation email.